"Bear's Paw" (2020) is a textile piece made from found fabric and faux fur. This project embraces and explores the shape of the foot, in addition to the relationship between the imprints of human feet and that of a bear paw. The color choices, yellow and black, represent a crossing path and plays on the idea of a checkerboard, which symbolizes balance and the duality between masculinity and femininity. Furthermore, the quilt is inspired by a quilt pattern called "The Bear's Paw," which was made by slaves hundreds of years ago to explain ways of escaping.
Gbenga (@gbeng.a) is a multidisciplinary artist, art curator and DJ based in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout his practice thus far, Gbenga has worked with both tactile and digital mediums to present his ideas and experiences, typically dealing with themes surrounding subjective identity, cultural symbolism and collective nostalgia. As a result of working with these themes, his work creates a piece dressed in non-representational figures, negative space and wabi-sabi.  At USC, Gbenga is a graduating senior, studying business administration at Marshall.


PC: Gabriel Lopez

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