"Hope" (2020) is a personal 35mm film project by Serena Bree, that features murals of Our Lady of Guadalupe around Serena's neighborhood. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15), the photo series is meant to remind people that there is still hope all around, even during a chaotic and tragic year like 2020. 
Serena Bree (@serenabree_) is a digital and film photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in LA, Serena has been taking photos ever since 2013. She specializes in portraits, architecture and landscape photography, taking beautiful photos all across Los Angeles and California in interesting and distinctive perspectives. She has worked with brands like Ian Charms and Courtyard LA. Serena is a senior at USC, studying business administration.

Serena Bree

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